Services & Packages

 We understand this not an easy conversation to have, that is why we are very mindful about the sensitivity of the situation. Our goal is to make this a peaceful, calming and the best "good death" as we can. Every situation and person is unique and so are our services. 



We have a selection of individual services and packages our Doula can personalize to your wishes. Let us guide you to a good death 


  •  Planning for your last days we will help you with every detail from feel, taste, sounds smells and people​

  • Guidance and Support throughout the dying process

  • Assising with Remembrance projects 

  • Creating guided imagery and rituals 


  • Advocating for dying persons wishes 

  • Collaborating and communicating with care team 

  • Education of the signs and symptoms of dying 

  • Provide Respite care for those that have been caring for the dying person 

  • Provide simple cares 


After Care

  • Reprocess the vigil and emotions to follow

  • Education about grief and can offer referrals when necessary