Meet Our Doula

HI! Im Ashley Scott, the founder of Benevolent Care, LLC and INELDA Certified End of Life Doula. My experience started 12 years ago as a CNA in a Skilled Nursing Facility in Emmet Idaho. There I found my love for working with the elderly and end of life care. As a CNA, I was only able to give so much of my attention to a resident at a time. Being able to focus solely on the dying person, their loved ones and hold the space to help them have "a good death" is my true calling. I currently am practicing in the Denver Metro, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas. When I am not serving others in their last days, you can catch me with my dog Bella on a mountain side or by moving water taking in nature. I look forward to working with you, bringing some normalcy and most likely humor to this ride.


"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. "

-Haruki Murakami